Voztec Helmet : Easy Remove During Emergencies

Saturday, September 3rd 2011. | Transportation

Although motorcycle helmets save numerous lives, they are able to pose challenging to emergency response personnel at accident moments – the helmet must be removed, the patient’s mind ought to be moved less than possible, just in case you will find any spinal-cord injuries. Although this sometimes leads to the helmet needing to be slashed off, the prototype Voztec full-face helmet provides a simpler solution – using the discharge of one pin and 2 clips, the rear of the helmet detaches and also the front could be slide off.

Voztec Helmet

Australia’s John Vozzo first emerged with the idea when he is at hospital with two damaged legs, that have been the effect of a skydiving accident. His injuries left him temporarily not able to operate, so he switched his attentions to developing a rear-entry skydiving helmet. After joining track of business partner Mark Bryant, the idea was created right into a equine-racing helmet. Now, the duo are suggesting an entire type of helmets that contain the Voztec rear-entry system, even though current focus is on the helmet for bikers.

Customers place the helmet on by opening the hinged back section, adhering their mind in, then tightening the ladder clips on each side. This can apparently pull the helmet snug using their skull, whilst positioning their face firmly in the face cup – the helmet does not add a traditional face strap, which may be susceptible to sneaking, and it is yet another factor for paramedics to operate around.

To remove helmet off, customers just release along side it clips to spread out in the back. Within the situation of the accident, however, the extra delivering of the prominent top-mounted emergency release pin may cause the whole back a part of the helmet in the future off. Based on the positioning of the individual, the leading should in that case have the ability to slide off, without any pulling on the head needed. The video below illustrates how it works

The Voztec helmet can also be made to offer more protection towards the jaw and temples than traditional full-face helmets, and to possess a softer, rounder exterior with less snag points. This really is stated to lead to it being not as likely to trap on obstacles, in case of any sort of accident.

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