Vuum Smart Hanger Saves You from Going to Laundry

Friday, February 15th 2013. | Miscellaneous

I’m pretty much of a neat freak; I pay big attention to personal hygiene but sometimes the day is just so exhausting that it often leaves me with so little power. In this state, going out to the neighboring laundry is quite a big deal. Having a washing machine under your roof is nice, except the fact that you have to pay for the electricity. This is where air sterilizing device like Vuum comes into play.

Vuum Smart Hanger

Vuum appears as a smart hanger with built-in mechanism that is claimed to eliminate bacteria using far-infrared ray. Not to mention that it also adopts the air washing technology which enable it to produce millions of invisible air bubble and anions to neutralize the bad odor. This will allow you to get rid of all the bad smells and make your shirts as fresh as if it was dry-cleaned. The video below will walk you over the general features of Vuum smart hanger.

By the way, even though the manufacturer states that it can help clean your laundry, it is not intended to entirely replace washing machine. That would mean you still have to send it over to local dry-cleaning service occasionally.The case will be a little different, though, when dealing with suits and fabrics that can be easily damaged when exposed to water. These are like your expensive ski suits or hiking outfits.

In addition, Vuum smart hanger’s construction is totally collapsible, making it less cumbersome to store and to carry around. Unfortunately, this life saver is still exclusively available in Korea. The planned retail price is 120,000 won or about $110,71.

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