WakaWaka Power Is a Beasty Compact Solar Charger

Tuesday, January 1st 2013. | Mobile Phones

Solar chargers are everywhere. This device is flourishing because developers know that people are not always around a wall outlet from on which they can plug in their device to get a power backup. Sadly, not all developers really deliver a tough solar charger. Their products are rendered useless as soon as the day is getting cloudy. But that’s not the case of WakaWaka Power. It may look compact and yellow (read: ugly), but it reportedly outperform typical chargers in the market.

WakaWaka Power Super efficient Personal Solar Power Station for your smartphone.

The WakaWaka Power is currently covered on Kickstarter and as far as we concern, it has been drawing a whole lot of attentions and sum, of course. The reason is that it’s not a basic solar power station you frequently see. It packs enough features that can guarantee you a satisfaction for your money.

WakaWaka Power Super efficient Personal Solar Power

For starter, it can recharge literally any devices you have, including those running iOS. This alone is quite groundbreaking as you know Apple is very strict with its policy, making it difficult for third party developers to create a device to improve users’ experience. Check out the video below!

Next, in comparison with other solar chargers on the market, WakaWaka Power is twice as efficient, thanks to a special chip topped with power management program under the hood. In addition, it sports a couple of LEDs which are bright enough to replace your current table-top light. If you do not use it to recharge any devices, they can stay bright for a whopping 100 hours. Beat that!

WakaWaka Power the Best Compact Solar Power Station and Light

If you submit your pledge right now, you can have a sweet discount of $20. More importantly, for one WakaWaka Power you have preordered, the team will donate one unit to Haitians who still live in darkness since the devastating earthquake back then in 2010. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Get on to Kickstarter now!

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