Wonder Wives Do Not Exist, Wonder Wires Do

Tuesday, February 5th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still single until today but I’m not against official marriage. I just haven’t found a woman who is wonderful enough to be my wife. Still, if it is wonder wire that you’re asking, I have one for you. Well, it’s not really like it’s my property but you can give a pledge of certain amount at Kickstarter to have it shipped to your doorstep once it goes to production.

Wonder Wires USB Charging Cable with Card Reader

You heard it right. This thingy little accessory has gone live at Kickstarter and is looking to raise some fund until March 25th. So far, it has been doing good as it has exceeded the planned funding goal. Check the video below!

Aside from its hilarious name, Wonder Wires are basically like a multi connector with original USB connector on one end and 5-pin (microUSB) connector on the other. That’s right, buddy; you don’t need to be a genius to be a successful inventor at Kickstarter. All you need is simplify things and name it with some strange phrases.

Wonder Wires : small portable 3in1 Cable

According to the developer, it can act as a charger for your mobile devices, though, of course, you will still need a USB charger. Wonder Wires are a mere connector, remember? They simply transfer the electricity and if you hook up your smartphones to your PC through them, you can also swap files from both platforms. In addition, they can also be a microSD card reader which is a little unexpected. So, how much should you pay for Wonder Wires? A pledge of $14 will do.

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