WoW Lens Gives Your iPhone more Lenses without Making It Ugly

Friday, April 19th 2013. | Mobile Phones

A few months ago, mobile photography was flourishing, paving a way for many camera-specific smartphone cases to rise. Today, although such trend has started to diminish, some design firms still believe they’d make a profit by launching a lenses-equipped case. The last one to get your attention is WoW Lens, a creation of Justine Prior.

WoW Lens case for iPhone

Certainly, it’s not going to wow most of you as I’m sure you’ve seen some similarity in PentaEye or Orbit. Still, compared to the previous two cases, WoW Lens looks far more appealing. It all thanks to its slim form factor. The carousel on which all the lenses are mounted is much smaller, as opposed to its competition. Thus, it won’t significantly ruin the premium look of your iPhone like the others do.

Once you wrap your iPhone with WoW Lens case, you’ll get to enjoy four extra functionalities, dealing with its camera. First off, you can capture still images with wider view using the wide angle lens. Next, snapping close-up objects is made easy with the macro lens. The polarized lens, on the other hand, will allow you to dramatize your still images using blur effects. Lastly, a cameo mode is handy for optical vignetting. Tap on the video below to find out what Prior is pitching at Kickstarter.

In addition to all the lenses, WoW Lens also comes with an app called eZoom. Nothing is too fancy with it but it does enable you to zoom in an object up to six times without serious obstruction. The minimum pledge you have to afford to get this is $50 but Prior will also send a stand holder if you agree with a pledge of $105. Anyone’s getting it?

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