Xkuty Is the World’s Lightest Scooter

Friday, February 8th 2013. | Transportation

Having a car as your personal vehicle sure is nice but sometimes, the compromises are just not worth the convenience. Being trapped on a terribly long traffic jam and the difficulty to find a space for parking are just one of the few things that may irritate you. If you don’t like the thought of this, you might find scooter more appealing. Speaking of it, our Spaniard friends have successfully drawn a big deal of attention in automotive industry, thanks to their world’s lightest scooter called Xkuty.

Xkuty Electric bikes

Xkuty Electric Scooter

Stripping all of the unnecessary parts, the team managed to make Xkuty as light as only 99 pounds. In fact, it’s so minimalist that you will very likely confuse it with electronic bicycle. The only hint that tells it’s no pedelec is the absence of pedal and chain. As light as it stands right now, this scooter might also be the simplest of all its kind. Mind you, the package doesn’t even include any manual. Heck, its advertisement is also barely longer than 20 seconds, emphasizing how easy it is to ride this vehicle. You can watch it below!

The electric engine needs a power of 1500 watt to run and is capable of pushing Xkuty at max speed of 28mph. With its dual lithium 17-Ah batteries, the device is claimed to be able to cover a distance of 31 miles in a single charge. For two hours, the charging time is indeed a little lengthy but the expense you have to afford per charge is only 50 euro cents, which is quite a competitive offering. There is also a smartphone dock as a nice extra. While availability is yet to be revealed, the recommended retail price is set at approximately $3,138.

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