XTable by KiBiSi Allows Users to Adjust the Height with Ease

Monday, November 5th 2012. | Household

XTable by KiBiSi looks just like a work desk in a glance but the fun begins as soon as you turn the handle. The table has a hidden mechanical feature that allows users to heighten or lower it simply by turning the handle. Sporting minimalist design, it’s maybe worth a space in your home office interior, especially when you want it to look more modern.

The XTable name perhaps comes from the adjustable scissor legs. Each of them has a base that is completed with a couple of small wheels to make it easy for them to slide as users try to adjust the height. Even though a certain mechanical system is involved, we appreciate the fact that there is no single wire or screw apparent to our sight. All of the components supporting such mechanics are completely conceived in the tabletop.

According to the designer, they deliberately use kinetic power in place of electricity to run the system in order to save energy. While we appreciate its good intention, we personally prefer to see it run automatically. In our view, the table will look absolutely more awesome if users just need to push a button to adjust the height. Still, every person differs in taste. So, while the designer prefers manual mechanics, we can’t stop loving everything that runs in automation.

Available in glossy black color, it will look stunning in white interior, though you can also place it on other interior with different colors. XTable by KiBiSi comes with optional storage box for you to keep important documents. Finally, while we’d like to know, we miss any info regarding its pricing.

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