Y-Drum Allows You to Practice Drumming Everywhere

Wednesday, February 20th 2013. | Miscellaneous

It’s not a very wise act to jumpstart your drumming skill using a real drum set. Overtime, you may find yourself overwhelmed, frustrated, and eventually shy away from it. Practice pads are fine but if look for a solution that is handy enough to carry everywhere, cross your fingers for this Y-Drum to step onto mas production.

Y-Drum : Portable Drums by Kevin Depape

The concept of Y-Drum is touted by Kevin Depape on his portfolio page at Issuu. The set includes nine pads of different sizes, a pair of cymbals, Bluetooth connector, and drum sticks. There is also a storage solution which is as large as a laptop suitcase and also acts as an amplifier. To get this up and run, all you need is to lay out all of the pads, run the app either on your smartphone or laptop, connect the set with the app, and start banging those pads.

Y-Drum : Portable Bluetooth Drum System

If your training session has come to an end and you need to rush to your class, simply tuck in all the hardware into suitcase. You’re going to use your drumsticks as the handle.

Y-Drum : Portable Drum Set Concept by Kevin Depape

Although it sounds very simple and there seems to be zero chance for you to go wrong, you need to be aware at where you’re going to lay out the pads. Try to find a table or anything that is as high as your knee to place them on. This will minimize the chance for your shoulders to develop ache if you train for extended period. There is no word whether Y-Drum will be manufactured in the near future but if you just can’t stand the wait, Roland TD 4KP V-Drums-Portable looks like a fine alternative.

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