Yaba Portable Speaker Transforms to Guitar Amp on the Go

Monday, April 15th 2013. | Miscellaneous

So, you’re about to make a performance along with your band but aren’t very sure if your fingers are warm enough to dance along the neck of your guitar. You definitely need a quick jam behind the backdrop but all the amps are used. In this situation, you will need a portable amp like the recently introduced Yaba X by PLX Devices.

Yaba : Portable Speaker and Guitar Amp

Yaba is originally conceived as a portable speaker but the company sees another potential of it, so it’s decided to launch the upgraded model that can also act as guitar amp. Note that it’s not meant to replace the more extensive sets of amp you commonly use on a studio or a stage. In fact, it doesn’t even pack nearly the same power. But given the surface sound technology it adopts, it should deliver some pretty decent sound.

Yaba color options

Unlike many portable speakers, Yaba can convert any surface it’s placed on into an extension to transmit the sound wave it produces. Think of it as a cone for speaker that can multiply its power to a considerable degree. Granted, different surface will deliver different sound quality. Also, according to the company, this tiny speaker is capable of producing sound that equals to one delivered by speakers ten times of its size.

Check out Mike Morales, the marketing director of PLX Devices, demoing Yaba X on the video below.

The original Yaba is planned to retail at the cost of $79.99 while its upgraded sibling is $20 more expensive. Those are not very cheap for such small gadgets but if you get it through Kickstarter, you’re bound to enjoy a handsome discount of up to 40 bucks. Are you in for the deal?

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