Yahoo! Face Stealer Lets You Have Fun with Someone Else’s Face

Monday, March 18th 2013. | Softwares

None of you, I believe, wants to undergo a bizarre face transplant even if there is no doubt with the surgeons and the medical facilities. The reasons are first you must have that cute face of yours ruined; second, you must find someone who recently died whose family doesn’t mind if the doctors rip his face off and transplant it to you. But believe it or not, imagining you swap faces with someone else can be fun. At least, that’s what the developer of Face Stealer thinks.

yahoo! face stealer apps

Coming up from the far east, Yahoo! Japan just released Face Stealer, an iOS app which allows you to “steal” someone’s face and virtually transplant it to yours. Simply put, you use someone’s face to mask yours. The default mask in the app is a dog’s face but you’re allowed to add as many masks as you want by snapping an image of it. After you capture your soon-to-be-mask, the app will automatically define the contour to match yours but you can fine-tune it before you save it as stock mask.

Now that you have selections of masks already, all you need is to pick one out and the app will attach it on your face. The front facing camera will track your facial movements while at the same time rendering how you’ll look like with your new face. Check it out below!

The developer thinks Yahoo! Face Stealer can be helpful especially if you’re not confident with your appearance. You now can have a video chat with your real face masked by one that is of David Beckham or Brad Pitt. Feeling ugly? Grab the app at iTunes while it’s free.

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