YO! Home – This Is How Future Home Will Look Like

Thursday, November 22nd 2012. | Architecture

Claimed as the home of the future is the YO! Home. The project is initiated by Simon Woodroffe who is the sole founder of the international restaurant, YO! Sushi and the grand capsule hotel called Yotel. While at the moment the home is a mere prototype, it’s enough to impress everyone during its unveiling at 100% Design held in London. The reason is it features lots of high-tech mechanisms that allows the dwellers to transform one room into another.

Bedroom Elevator

The first time you see it, it looks just like a very fancy and large bedroom measuring 800 square foot. But with a touch of a button, some parts of the house that are originally concealed behind the walls or under the floor emerge. Well, not everything is activated with a nice tiny button. Some features like the sliding walls require you to pull it with your own hands. Check the video below to see how Woodroffe showcased his future house!

Down below the master bed is the sunken living room. You just need to give a little push on the button mounted on the wall next to the bed to raise it and reveal the living room. If you’d like to enjoy a cinema, there is a complete home theatre system with extra-large LCD TV hidden on the ceiling. There is also storage for winewhich is also sunken, in case you need to warm up the night.

yo! home bedroom elevator

yo! home bedroom elevator simon woodroffe

The kitchen is concealed behind the wall. It’s not large but you can find most of the primary kitchen amenities there. Under the kitchen floor, a dining area in Japanese style is held back. On to the side, YO! Home has got a space for a home office which quickly converts in to guest room. All in all, this house has everything to fit itself on the minimalist yet very advanced future world. There is no telling how much an apartment with such a system will be priced, but let’s hope Woodroffe will keep it to minimum.

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