Yolkr Is the Ultimate Yolk Separator for You!

Thursday, January 17th 2013. | Food & Beverage

Did you know that you can neatly split egg yolk from the whites by sucking it? The idea is bizarre, indeed, but thanks to Yolkr, you don’t have to use your mouth to suck in that fatty yolk. Designed by creative designer based on New Zealand, Hamish Dobbie, Yolkr is created to ease the pain you often have to endure upon trying to separate the yolk from its whites.

Yolkr : The incredible egg yolk separator

The tool itself looks very simple, reminding us to a colorful light bulb. It consists of a transparent glass with specially designed nozzle as well as a rubber handle which you can use as the sucking pump. Both parts are dishwater safe and they’re small enough to be kept on your kitchen cabinetry.

Yolkr : egg yolk separator by Hamish Dobbie

Yolkr by Hamish Dobbie

According to Dobbie, splitting the yolk using his Yolkr has a few adavantages over the old method. First of all, it’s obviously easier. If you still end up having to clean a messy drip of egg whites after using it, then you need to consult your doctor to see if the motoric nerve on your hands is alright. Moreover, it’s also more hygienic too. Since the whites never touch the outer shell of the egg, it’s exposed to much less germs and bacteria. Check out the video below!

Yolkr has resided at Kickstarter and even though there are still 53 days to go, the team has exceeded its funding goal of 15,000 pounds. We’re not sure about the planned retail price but it must be higher than the preorder price tag Dobbie has disclosed on its Kicstarter page, which is 18 pounds. Are you thrilled to separate that sluggish yolk?

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