Ziphius Aquatic Drone for You to Explore The Ocean Depth without Getting Wet

Monday, July 1st 2013. | Miscellaneous

Underwater view can be surprisingly enchanting for those who never had a chance to take the plunge and dive their nose into the sea. Sadly, not all these people are born to be a professional diver but thanks to Ziphius, now they can have access to the same heavenly view of the deep ocean without even getting their feet wet.

Ziphius Aquatic Drone

In a nutshell, Ziphius is an aquatic drone designed with consumer’s ease in mind. Capable of being controlled via any smartphone or tablet, you do not need rocket science to kick it off the ground. Moreover, it is equipped with a pretty decent camera, so not only can you see what’s beneath the sea surface but also record some footage to show off.

Ziphius Aquatic Drone powered by Raspberry Pi

The movement of Ziphius Aquatic Drone solely counts on two brushless DC motors whose power is supplied by a lithium iron phosphate battery. To promote flexibility, the motors are connected to two propellers that which are independent to each other. That would mean you can switch on one motor and let the other still to help make a turn.

Additionally, the motors can also spin clockwise and counterclockwise, allowing the drone to move forward and backward. Watch it in action on the Kickstarter pitch video below!

Capable of dashing out in 6mph, the drone can be controlled as long as it’s still within 300 feet. In addition to HD camera, it’s also equipped with 8GB microSD card to store the footage. Battery is said to last for an hour but in case you’re forgetful, there is a handy indicator on the app interface that tells current battery life. The minimum pledge to get Ziphius Aquatic Drone is $195 but it’s all sold out already, so you have to add 50 bucks more.If it’s aerial drone that you want, try B Go Beyond.

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