ZoomBoard Facilitates Typing on Tiny Smartwatches

Saturday, May 4th 2013. | Mobile Phones

You think typing on touch-enabled smartphones is challenging enough? Then what about typing on a smartwatch whose size is about eight to ten times smaller than smartphone’s is? Impossible, you say? I did think exactly like that until recently I was informed about this ZoomBoard. It’s a system developed by computer scientists at Carnegie Melon University to facilitate those who are – for come crazy reason – curious how it feels like to type on a smartwatch.

ZoomBoard clever QWERTY keyboard for smartwatches

In default mode, the system displays the miniaturized full QWERTY keyboard. As soon as your finger interacts with the screen, the system will zoom in the specific area touched by your finger, magnifying several keys to a size that’s big enough for you to tap precisely. To input capital letters, you simply have to hold your finger to a particular key while space can be made by an easy swipe to the right. Left-swiping will delete unwanted letters whereas up-swiping will allow you to access number and special character keys. Check out the demo on the video below!

If you manage to keep your patience with you, you will probably make it typing up to 10 words in a minute just like the maker claims. While I don’t think that ZoomBoard is of great usefulness, at least you have an alternative method to input text to a smartwatch. Waiting for developers to successfully impregnate such tiny device with speech-to-text functionality isn’t a very wise choice. Anyway, according to the makers, its development will not stop at this point as they’re still trying to give it smart guessing capability like you see in Swipe keyboard app for Android. Any thoughts?

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